Supermodel Fleur Xavier

Supermodel Fleur Xavier, on her summer regime.

Is there a special diet that you follow during summers?

There’s no special diet that I follow during summer. But I do make it a point to have lots of fluids. I drink fruit juice, nimbu pani and water.

When it comes to eating, I prefer cold vegetables, salad and fruits. Generally I plan a diet that is filling as well as light as it helps you to stay fit and active throughout the day.

What particular fitness regime do you follow during summers?

Just like my diet, I follow a light fitness programme. In summers one tends to sweat a lot so I avoid doing strenuous exercises. I do a little bit of stretching and jogging, as they are good warm up exercises.

Are there any grandma’s tips that you use to get rid of the tan?

I don’t mind having a tan. I guess getting a tan is becoming a trend nowadays and people want to flaunt it. What are summers for, otherwise? You can only dream of getting tanned in this season so why should you avoid getting one in the first place.

What kind of make-up should one use in summers?

I think if one wants to wear make-up then it’s best to use a light compact followed by some blush, mascara and light lipstick. One should avoid heavy make-up.

How can one look stunning and stylish in this season?

I prefer wearing colours like lime green, lemon yellow and white. I avoid wearing pink as it’s not ‘in’. Materials such as cotton, linen and khadi are perfect for this season.

If I have to go out for a party then I would wear white cut-off pants and team it up with a crisp white shirt along with a necklace. In summers, your accessories should be funky. The best part is that one can flaunt toe rings and anklets as your legs get noticed a lot.


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