SONALIKA SAHAY – Indian Super Model

SONALIKA SAHAY has the kind of legs that ask to be accessorised with a Rolls Royce and a saxophone to provide the necessary ambient sound. The 5″10″ model who set the ramp on fire at the Lakme India Fashion Week has come a long way from her hometown of Hazaribagh in Bihar to being the Sensational Face of Christian Dior. Especially when you consider the face of Dior is none other than Ms Naughty Eyes, Yana Gupta.

“There was a contest during the Fashion Week and Dior was looking for a new face,” Sonalika says. “I fitted the criteria and so here I am! I have a two-year contract with Dior and I am really looking forward to the association.” Sonalika who has tried her hand at quite a few things including Hotel Management and MBA does not wish to comment on whether she would follow her model peers to the silver screen.

Designer of choice for Sonalika is “Dior (naturally!) The clothes are a wonderful mix of feminine grace and power. I dress to reflect my mood. Having said that, I would describe my style as leaning towards casual.”

Picture of grace

Looking at Sonalika demurely seated, the very picture of grace, one cannot picture her involved with anything rough and ready. She however insists she is a tomboy and loves water sports. “I enjoy canoeing and working out in the gym. And I also love to read. The last book I read was Gone With the Wind. For some odd reason I had never read the book. My all-time favourite author is P.G. Wodehouse.”

A vegetarian by choice as she cannot bear “the animosity to animals,” Sonalika admits the leather question to be “a sensitive one. I guess one should be minimalist. There should not be outright cruelty. I suppose there are no easy answers.”

Commenting on the tragedy of model and VJ Nafisa Joseph’s suicide, Sonalika said, “I was shocked and deeply saddened when I heard the news.” Sonalika feels that anyone wishing to become a model “should give it a try. However, one should be prepared as it is a high stress job and takes a lot out of you. It is a full time job and not all about just looking pretty.”

Sonalika seems to have struck the golden mean of looking pretty and having fun doing it!


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