Bengal Delight – Tapur Chatterjee

Tapur Chatterjee

Date of birth: 24th April

Height: 5′ 8″

Vital Statistics: 34 1/2- 25- 35

Favourite campaign: I had a great time doing the Parx (Park Avenue) campaign. The crew was great.

Favourite pastime: Lazing around at home and sleeping

Most embarrassing moment: I really feel embarrassed when someone comes to me after a show and compliments when other models are there with you. It makes me feel awkward. I try to make it up by saying that we were all good.

Favourite cuisine: I love food, but no special choice. Anything will do.

Favourite designer: Hemant Trevedi for his formal wear and gowns. His fit is fabulous. Krishna Mehta’s casual wear is lovely too. I like her salwar khameez for summer days.

Most admired model: There’s no particular model that I look up to. I admire all my seniors as working as a model requires a lot of struggle.

If I wasn’t a model, I would have been a: Commercial artist.

On a deserted island, I would like to spend an evening with: My boyfriend. (This question makes me feel as if I’ve been put on the Miss India stage again!)

My sex appeal: You tell me!

What attracts me to the opposite sex: Humbleness

Favourite outfit: Jeans and a T-shirt or top

Favourite perfume: Florence d’Orleans

I fear: Beauty, glamour, money and life. Everything is temporary I fear the fact that I’m going to lose all this some day and I have no control over it.

Most repeated phrase: “Oh, my god!”

My dream vehicle: A red Porsche

What touches me most: My lingerie

I never leave home without: My wallet and lenses, as I’m blind without them

My wildest fantasy: I wouldn’t like to disclose that. People would get scandalised if they hear about it.

My role model: No one in particular. My conscience is my role model.
Favourite fashion invention: Shoes

A wardrobe must-have: Belts


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