Anjali Raut ( Miss Mumbai 2005 runner up) & Alesia Raut

Anjali Raut

SHE IS: Anjali Raut .

BACK TO THE BASICS: This local girl turns 19 this month and is model Alesia Raut’s younger sibling. Unlike her more famous sis, Anjali was born in Mumbai (not Moscow) and never planned on a modelling career.

THE BIG BREAK: “Even though I attended many of the fashion shows Alesia was in, I never thought I’d be up there. I wasn’t keen on it, but my mom was. She signed me up for the Miss Mumbai pageant and winning third place just got the ball rolling,” says Anjali.

YEARS ON THE RAMP: A mere seven months.

THE ASSIGNMENT SHE’D MOST LIKE TO TOM-TOM: Her print campaign for Orange that is to be released soon.

RAMP CATASTROPHE: “I was wearing a strappy choli for one fashion show and it hadn’t been tied on tight enough. It was slipping and all I could think of was hurrying back to the dressing room with it still in place!”

THE LAST TIME SHE GOT DRUNK: “I don’t drink,” she says predictably, though she does confess to having sipped some wine at her sister’s wedding.

HER TOP BEAUTY SECRET: Eating fruit and drinking lots of water.


IF SHE WEREN’T A MODEL: She may have taken up a job related to psychology.

THE NEXT STEP: Lots more modelling. “I’m still in college, so I don’t want to take on too much at the moment,” she signs off.


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