Lascivious Indian Supermodel Tapur Chatterjee

“I BUNKED college to do the Thums Up ad, and when the commercial was aired, I told them it was my sister, since one was not allowed to be absent from Bioscience,” says model Tapur Chatterjee, a product of St. Xaviers, Mumbai.

Twin sister and model Tupur is a commercial art student and a recipient of the Presidents’ Award for poster designing.

The twins were in the city for the launch of the Wills Sport Fall/Winter `02 Collection. Tapur is serene and thoughtful while Tupur is upfront and has a speak-your-mind attitude. Tapur was one of the semi-finalists for Miss India and has Lakme, Donear and Levis to her portfolio and Tupur is the face behind Panasonic and Titan.

Apart from their individual assignments, the twins have featured together in the new Borosoft and Aquafina commercials.

Standing over 5 feet, 8″, the twins are trained fashion models for the ramp. “You need to have the body structure, the correct walk and poise for the ramp, while commercials need more of acting,” says Tapur.

When quizzed about the tensions of being in the same profession, the Tapur said, “We did not choose this career intentionally. And being in the field together helps. We learn from each other, on the good and bad experiences instead of individual trial and error routes,” says Tapur.

“In India modelling is a freelance job unlike in the West where you have agencies. You need to be selective to avoid too much exposure. And you have to be intelligent as there are people out there waiting to outshine you. It is such a misconception that people in the beauty and fashion realm lack brains,” adds Tupur.

As regards their enviable looks Tapur says, “My mother has a flawless skin. I guess we inherited it from her. We attribute our slim look to the genetic factor as we jog once a week for fitness.

But one has to be disciplined in how and what one eats. On the cosmetics front, Shisheido is one of the skin products we prefer.”

Their advise to wannabe models is to be mature with a balanced head on the shoulders to cope with the field and not get excited and carried away by glamour.

Any tinsel roles in the offing? Maybe, say the duo if suitable roles come along. Here’s wishing them luck and happiness.


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