Tapur Chatterjee – Bengali Model

“I haven’t stopped smiling since,” says Tapur Chatterjee, fresh after her return from Milan, where the Bengali model was Fashion TV’s guest. The international fashion channel has stepped into new modes of entertainment with their reality show Model Flat, where six or seven models are thrown together in an apartment in Milan, their every move recorded on camera. “All except one toilet,” says Chatterjee, whose face has been surprising us with its appearance on the channel. “I was just invited for three of four days, as a guest model and not a participant. But the new season in September will have me taking part as well,” she says. Viewers vote for the favourite model and also their lesser liked ones, who are then asked to leave the show.

It turns out that Michel Adam, who owns FTV, had insisted on an Indian model. It was only after watching video clippings that Chatterjee was chosen, for her “perfect blend of East and West”. “We can’t compete with their looks, we’re just too different. They were looking for someone who was, well, Indo-West,” says Chatterjee, who is actually one half of a twin (her sis Tupur is also an established model).

While the experience has been new for Chatterjee, it has also been less than friendly. “The crew was great, but the rest of the models weren’t. I don’t blame them, since I was just there for a few days, while they had already spent a month with each other,” she says, explaining why she was the quietest of the lot on the show. While the channel won’t promote her with any agencies, Chatterjee hopes the exposure will land her some plum roles. “After all, everyone likes the exotic,” she says


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