Model Mridula Chandrashekar

Mridula Chandrashekhar might be a new name in Bollywood, but she certainly is not a new face in fashion world as she is known as one of the top models from the fashion industry. After enjoying modeling for some years Mridula has moved on to movies now. She is all set to make her debut in Naksha which also happens to be director Sachin Bajaj’s first venture.

She plays Soniya, who is a tracker in Jackie’s team and helps him to reach to their destination. “I chose to be a part of this movie because this movie is not just a usual commercial movie but there are more surprise elements in the movie.”

Mridula Chandrashekar
Mridula informs that she was never serious about films. “I was approached by some filmmakers before Naksha. But I had never taken it seriously. Rather I was never impulsive about films and somehow the projects didn’t interest me, so I turned down those offers. I have no regrets because I was not dying to get into Bollywood.”

When asked about how and why she signed Naksha, she quickly replies, “By fluke, I was holidaying in US when I got a call from the producers. I met them and I liked the script. And though it’s Sachin’s first movie as a director I feel he is very sophisticated and soft spoken director. He is good in his work and technically trained. I think they are very nice people to work with”

After spending four year in fashion world how does she look at these two industries? “Oh, these two streams are totally different from each other. Although both have glamour as focus point, the working style is different. In modeling you are with some bunch of girls. You go perform with them and have fun. While in films you have to get special attention. You have to be particular about your appearance. You have to deal with some responsibilities and stress level as well.”

Mridula has different views on skin-show in films. She says, “If you are a model, people usually take you for granted but modeling is nothing to do with exposure in films. I am totally different person from my onscreen image. I am completely conservative about such things. I had always kept my professional life separate from personal. I would be ok if I can carry it off nicely. I have my own restrictions.

Apparently, Mridula is yet to decide on films she says, “I am not sure, I mean let’s see how it goes. I have some modeling assignments lined up for few months. I am not in hurry as I want to polish my acting skills. May be I will take a break from modeling for sometime to concentrate on films.”

Mridula has come from a Tamil Brahmin family. Talking about her family she says, “My parents were involved in experimental theatre. I was a part of theatre when I was a kid. I have come from a rich cultural background so I was always inclined towards art.” Mridula had first interacted with fashion world when she had participated in Femina Elite Model Look of the year in 1998. After finishing her education she took modeling as a career. Unlike the other newcomers Mridula is calm and waiting for the release of her first movie. She says, “I would like to work in meaningful movies. May be in intense cinema, but commercial is fun as I would like to showcase my dancing talent too.”


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