Lena Jamon

Lena Jamon
Age: 22
Height (feet): 5 ‘ 6
Weight (lbs): 105
Cup: B
Chest/Bust (inches): 34
Waist (inches): 22
Hips (inches): 35
Eye Color: Grey
Skin Color: Tanned
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Long
Shoe Size: 6
Dress Size: 2
Ethnic Decent: Caribean Indian

For Lena Jamon of Jamaica, her latest foray into the world of modeling is not her first. In her teens, Lena had done a good amount of glamour and fashion modeling, “But I wasn’t in anything big,” she said.

Realizing that modeling was not going to always pay the bills, Lena took a break for a few years to focus on school. Attending Hunter and Queens College, she graduated with a degree in nursing, and now works full-time as a nurse for two internists and a gastroenterologist on Park Avenue in Manhattan.

But her first passion is modeling. “I just went to college so I could have something to fall back on,” she said.

Lena is now working with a Brooklyn-based agent from Morena Entertainment, and has posted her information on models.com in hopes of landing more work.

While not working or going on casting calls, Lena enjoys many of the things most 21-year-olds in Queens do. She hangs out at clubs in Manhattan and frequents Slate on Bell Boulevard, where she enjoys playing pool with her friends.
Despite the popular belief that models only hang out with models, that’s not true for Lena, who said she is the only one of her friends who is into modeling.

“My friends are in college, doing pre-med work, they are lawyers. They’re just average people like me,” she said. “I like being around different people and getting to know about new things.”

One piece of advice Lena has for aspiring models and anybody else is rather simple: “Be your own self,” she said. “Never try to follow, never compare yourself to anyone.”


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